NGC F. Marcus Aurelius as CAESAR 161 AD Stunning Rare Denarius Roman Silver Coin


Marcus Aurelius as CAESAR. Ancient Roman Empire Silver Coin. Marcus Aurelius AD 161-180. Rome Denarius AR Silver Coin EXTREMELY RARE “Marcus Aurelius as CAESAR ” VARIETY! Grade : Certified (NGC F). Obverse: Marcus Aurelius as Caesar to the right. Reverse: Soldier Standing Right in Victory Leaning on Spear Weapon with…

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DIDIA CLARA April-June193AD Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin NGC XF EXT RARE


DIDIA CLARA, daughter of Didus Julianus Silver Denarius19mm, 3.21gm. Rome: April – June 193 A. Extremely RARE References: Didia Clara Denarius, RIC 10, RSC 3, BMC 14. DIDIA CLARA AVG, draped bust right. HILAR TEMPOR, Hilaritas standing left, holding branch & cornucopiae. Certified: NGC Ancients XF, 5/5; 4/5. Didia Clara…

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