Very Rare 8 Reales Zacatecas Mexico Ferdinand VII 1811 Countermark Ensaie


Silver 8 Reales of Ferdinand VII. Mint : Provisional de Zacatecas. Certified and encapsulated by NGC. The item “VERY RARE 8 REALES ZACATECAS MEXICO FERDINAND VII 1811 COUNTERMARK ENSAIE” is in sale since Tuesday, December 10, 2019. This item is in the category “Coins & Paper Money\Coins\ World\Europe\Spain”. The seller…

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MARK ANTONY & JULIUS CAESAR Very Rare 43BC Ancient Silver Roman Coin NGC i67865


Item: i67865 Authentic Ancient Coin of. As Triumvir and Imperator 43-31 B. MARK ANTONY & JULIUS CAESAR Rare Dual-Portrait Issue Silver Denarius 18mm (3.60 grams) Struck Autumn 43 B. At mint traveling with Antony in Cisalpine Gaul Reference: RSC 3; B. 55; Sydenham 1166; Crawford 488/2 Certification: NGC Ancients. VF…

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AKRAGAS SICILY 464BC Rare R1 Silver Tetradrachm Ancient Greek Coin NGC i66475


Item: i66475 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Greek city of Akragas. Silver Tetradrachm 24mm (17.20 grams) struck circa 464-446 B. Reference: HGC 2, 87 Rare R1. SNG Lewis 289, SNG ANS 979-981 Pedigree / Provenance: Ex Christopher “Kit” Reed Collection Certification: NGC Ancients. VF Strike: 4/5 Surface: 2/5 4281366-001 Sea eagle…

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